Continuing Professional Development

Learning is the heart of professional development. When we make the effort, it's important to get formal recognition for this from employers and from professional bodies. Where possible, I partner with professional agencies to ensure that your effort and dedication is recognised and rewarded. Below are some current CPD avenues I use. 

Soileir PSI Learning Standards

Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

If you are thinking of a learning input geared towards psychologists, we can submit for Psychological society of Ireland Learning Standards Approval. Pre-approval of a learning input by the PSI ensures that the learning is recognised as quality learning that meets its criteria and standards. Psychologists will be awarded a PSI certificate of attendance and will be able to log the hours towards their own CPD requirements.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)- Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider

If a learning input is designed to be behavior analytic, and has suitable content that meets predefined criteria, as a BACB Continuing Education provider, Approved Type 2 Continuing Education (CE) Credits can be offered. Board Certified Behavior Analyst are required to log 32 CE hours in the upcoming two year cycle, whilst Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts are required to log 20 hours in that cycle. (Note that as of Jan 2020, Type 2 CE’s will be renamed ‘Learning’).


Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland

For certain courses where training may be of benefit of benefit to the nursing profession, Category 1 Approval has been obtained which can be put towards the required CPD's for the NMBI.

Soileir Cosan CORU CPD.png

Other Professional Bodies

There are several initiatives underway in Ireland, for example, CORU (The body regulating health and social care professionals); and Cosán, the Framework for Teachers Learning (being developed by the Teaching Council).  I am closely following developments in these areas, with a view to streamline learning inputs in line with any requirement.

I'm always happy to talk to you about exploring other CPD avenues that may suit and recognise your particular professional needs.