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Learning to Listen

Don’t just do something, Stand there!
— Alice in Wonderland, 1951

When you're listening to somebody - a student, a colleague, a supervisor or an employee, what's going through your head? Common thoughts are 

  • What can I do to help?

  • But they're wrong.

  • What am I going to say to sound clever?

  • What do I say to defend myself?

  • What's the solution here?

These thoughts are all very natural, but they can get in the way of listening. So how do we stop thinking about how we'll respond, and instead really listen? Sometimes we're so busy wondering how we'll lead a conversation, we forget how to follow a conversation.

This course will help you develop your listening skills by:

  • Exploring the difference between hearing and active listening

  • Looking at the common blocks to active listening

  • Identifying what 'baggage' or perspective we may bring with us to listening

  • Learning what to look out for when somebody is communicating with us

  • How to respond at the right time in a genuine manner that will encourage cooperation and problem solving.