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Motivational Interviewing

People are the undisputed experts on themselves. No one has been with them longer, or knows them better than they do themselves
— William R. Miller

Motivational Interviewing is a way of working with people which supports them to find their own motivation and ways to change. It is a respectful way of supporting people that honours their autonomy, whilst gently supporting them to move towards lasting change. Evidence shows that it is much more effective in promoting meaningful and lasting change than the more traditional 'expert' models, telling somebody what they need to do. Research shows that it is very flexible and can greatly enhance the delivery of other models of change, blending with areas such as cognitive behaviour therapy, coaching, behaviour support or addicition counselling.

It is used in a broad variety of settings such as schools; the workplace; families & healthcare settings, & can greatly enhance your day to day interactions with others. It is particularly useful when you are working with people who may not immediately see the need to change, or find themselves 'stuck'.

Soiléír's Motivational Interviewing Courses will help you develop your skills by:

  • Identifying the different stages of change

  • Understanding the spirit of Motivational Interviewing

  • Identify the four processes used in Motivational Interviewing

  • Learning how to bring about and promote people's own motivation to change

  • Developing a person's motivation to change into realistic change plans


(For Board Certified (or associate) Behaviour Analysts, an optional discussion session will be offered after the conclusion of some courses to see how the information can be applied in Behaviour Analysis. Type II CEUs are available for these discussion sessions.)

Upcoming Training Dates:

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17th December 2018 - Ardilaun Hotel, GALWAY

One Day Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

(co-facilitated by Matthew Spicer,  Positive Behaviour Change Solutions, Tasmania)